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603 Uses of the Internet
613 Cost Reduction Manual - 3rd Edition 2000
620 Purchasing Policies & Procedures Manual
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693 Management Skills Bundle
694 Human Resources Management Bundle
695 Sales Management Bundle
697 Policies and Procedures Manuals Bundle
698 Planning and Control Manuals Bundle
699 Applied Management Manuals Bundle
899 Applied Management 9 Back Volumes - 1992 to 2000
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Nasser, Ghattas & Co. Ltd., the pioneer Management Consulting Firm in the Arab World; is the first and only editor and publisher of practical Arabic Management Manuals, for immediate and direct use by all Organizations and Executives, to implement the latest and most practical Management Policies, Procedures and Techniques. 

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These Manuals cover all aspects of Planning, Organization and Control in all Management Fields including: 

Planning and Control

    Strategic Plan Preparation & Implementation
    Budgeting for Trading Companies
    Cost Reduction
    Computer System Selection
    Uses of the Internet

Organization Development

    Organization Structure
    Job Descriptions

Policies and Procedures

    Personnel Policies & Procedures
    Administration Policies & Procedures
    Purchasing Policies & Procedures

Human Resources Management

    Recruitment Interviews Manual
    Recruitment Advertisements Manual
    Employee Handbook
    Employees Suggestions System

Marketing and Sales Management

    Product Pricing
    Salesman Guide
    Sales Representatives Reports
    Evaluate Customer Service in your Company

Management Skills

    Evaluate your Skills as a Manager
    How to Deal with Problem People
    How to Deal with Problem Superior
    How to Deal with Problem Subordinate
    How to Deal with Problem Colleague
    How to Deal with Problem Client
    Evaluate your Personal Characters
    Meetings Management

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