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Our Approach

Management consultancy is remarkable for its variety. Virtually every project reveals some unique feature, some new challenge. Consultants must adapt quickly, conditioning their approach to circumstances surrounding each specific project. Nevertheless, despite this lack of uniformity, we make a practice of keeping wherever possible to well proven operating policies and principles.

    • Partner Responsibility
    • For each consulting project, we nominate a Partner to assume overall responsibility for the quality of our services.
    • At the outset, he establishes the scope and goals of the project.
    • He organizes team mobilization and ensures that the project gets off to a good start.
    • He reviews progress periodically, contributes to the creative consulting effort, approves written reports and participates in key meetings with the client.
    • Consulting Team Selection
    • In selecting professionals for a specific project, we aim for the optimum balance of skills, experience, maturity and creativity. We endeavour to assign consultants who will integrate well into the client’s organization.
    • Each consulting project also has its Project Controller who has day-to-day responsibility for running the project, in addition to carrying out a major portion of the technical work.
    • Client Participation
    • We have learned that the most successful projects are those where the client is fully involved with the development of the solution.
    • We believe that a management consultancy project should be a marriage of the consultant’s experience, technical skill and objectivity with the client’s knowledge of his business. If the client’s staff have contributed to the recommendations, they will feel more committed to making them work.
    • Reporting
    • Apart from producing the required written reports, we work hard to ensure that the client is kept regularly informed of our progress and our thinking.
    • This may be achieved through informal contact or periodic progress meetings. It is part of the vital process of receiving confirmation that we are proceeding in the right direction.
    • Practical Consultancy
    • Our aim is to produce practical ideas and recommendations that reflect the real needs of the client and will clearly benefit his organization.
    • We avoid preconceptions and adopt a cautious approach to transplanting solutions developed on other assignments, however successful they may have been.
    •  Implementation
    • Our consulting project is never completed before training & apprising client personnel regarding changes agreed to by management and in supervising the implementation of those changes.
    • Consultants must be able to convert theory into reality. Their counsel should be invaluable to the client during the period of transition. Nevertheless, it is vital throughout the process for the client to assume an increasing role and the consultants a reducing one, in order to avoid a vacuum when they withdraw.

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