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Our Services

In order to realize our primary objective, we have developed and applied the following services:

  • Management Consulting

    Over the past 30 years, we have conducted hundreds of consulting projects for hundreds of highly satisfied Arab Organizations.

    Our philosophy is based on:
  • Establishing a clear understanding of our client's needs.
  • Careful selection of the consulting team.
  • Involvement of client staff.
  • Strong project management.
  • Development of practical recommendations.
  • Direct involvement in implementation.
  • Management Editing & Publishing

    This is our pioneering and unique service in the Arab World. These Manuals conform with our commitment to put our management consulting experience at the disposal of the greatest number of Arab Organizations and Managers at the least cost.

    Our Editing and Publishing Services include:
  • Management Manuals

    Our manuals are the only ones of their kind available in the Arabic language.

    Each manual comprehensively covers the subject, and serves as a Standard or Practical Manual from which the user Organization can develop or build up its own Manual.
  • “Applied Management” Bulletin

    This is the first Bulletin of its kind available in the Arab World.

    It conveys, in the Arabic language, the latest research and application of management methods, tools and techniques.

    Articles are edited by our Management Consultants based on their practical experience.
  • Management Training

    Our Training Services complement our basic management consulting services, and consequently allow our clients to fully implement the practical recommendations of the consultants.

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