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Our Staff

The main assets of a Service Organization are its Personnel. Our dynamic team of consultants consists of a group of highly qualified Arab and non Arab professionals.

    • Full-Time

      All our consultants are full-time members of our staff and hence work in accordance with international standards of professional conduct.

    • Qualified

      They include Business Graduates, Accountants, Marketing Specialists, Economists, Industrial Engineers, Computer and Human Resources Specialists.
    • Well Selected

      Our selection processes have been designed to assess applicants not only for their academic and technical expertise but also for their business sense and personal qualities.
    • Talented

      Allied to a sound knowledge of one or more disciplines, our consultants must have:
    • An inquiring and analytical mind.
    • The mental agility to identify the core of the problem quickly and to design practical solutions.
    • The personality to establish effective client relationships at all levels.
    • The persuasiveness to convince others to accept his recommendations.
    • The patience and organizing skills essential to successful implementation.
    • Experienced

      Because of their experience in Arab business, our consultants have also acquired a profound knowledge of the particular types of problems which face business and government in the Arab World. They are familiar with variations in laws and conventions in each country and adapt their approach accordingly.
    • Well Assigned

      Projects are staffed by consultants who are chosen on the basis of technical skills, related experience and flexibility of outlook. Moreover, the client’s requirements for language capability can be satisfied since we have proficiency in Arabic, English and French.
    • Trained

      We devote substantial resources to research and training programs to ensure that our consultants are familiar with the latest analytical techniques, computer developments and organizational thinking.
    • Centralized

      The Management Consulting Function is centralized, and (presently) located in Nicosia – Cyprus, so that each member can easily draw on:
    • Varied skills and experience represented in the consulting team as a whole.
    • The centralized, rich management library, continuously updated by receiving the latest issues on management experience and research.
    • The computer network installed in our offices.

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