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The Practical and Standard Instructive Management Manuals are our pioneering and unique service in the Arab World. These Manuals conform with our commitment to put our management experience at the disposal of the greatest number of Arab Organizations and Managers at the least cost.

Thousands of clients have ordered and successfully utilized our manuals for the following reasons:

  • Unique in Arabic

    They are the only Arabic manuals of their kind. That is to facilitate communication within every Arab Organization and to comply with the growing trend of Arabization of internal and external communication in all Arab Organizations.
  • Linked Logically

    The Manuals are prepared and issued successively in a highly logical and practical order, so that eventually, this chain of manuals shall constitute an Encyclopedia on all aspects of management practices, thus serving the Arab Organization or Manager as the most trustworthy reference for daily use.
  • Practical

    Each manual is prepared by a team of highly specialized professionals, with experience in designing and applying similar material for a number of individual client Organizations all over the Arab World.
  • Professional

    The manual preparation process is supervised by one of the directors, to insure that the manual meets the predetermined standards and objectives.
  • Comprehensive

    Each manual fully and comprehensively covers the subject, and serves as a "Practical Manual" or a "Standard Manual" applied to a Standard Firm, from which the user Organization can develop or build up its own Manual on the same subject. The Practical & Standard Manuals also instruct the users on how to adjust and update their own Manual.
  • Low Cost

    The low cost to the user. This "Practical & Standard Manuals" approach made it possible to spread the actual cost of the most expensive management consultants, among hundreds of clients.


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