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Our training services are directed towards complementing our basic management consulting services, and consequently towards fully accomplishing the basic objectives of these services. Accordingly, we put the greatest emphasis on the following aspects of management training:
  • Training on the subject of any of our Practical and Standard Manuals, in order to assist interested Organizations and Executives in understanding, appreciating and applying our Manual recommendations.
  • Training staff of the client Organization, after completing a "Management Consulting" project for that Organization. This type of training is restricted to the subjects of the project, with the objective of securing efficient and lasting application of our recommendations by the client's own personnel.
  • Specially designed training courses tailored to a specific client on a specific management subject.

Due to the nature of this management training, we arrange to carry out a course or seminar on a specific topic, only after direct contact and agreement with us on an Organization-by-Organization basis. Currently we do not arrange nor publish fixed training programs, but we can recommend to our clients the best option in this matter.

We prefer to run our specialized training courses and seminars in Nicosia, where we hold the facilities, references and audio-visual aids. However, training courses, seminars and orientation meetings on the above specified subjects can be held at the clients premises. In fact, training on systems application must be carried out on the clients premises and within their environment.

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